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  • Improve Senior Management Oversight, Control, and Planning
  • Improve Board Governance Process
  • Improve Financial Statement Reporting
  • Improve Budget Process
  • Streamline Accounting Processes
  • Improve Accounting Policies, Procedures, and Controls
  • Improve Efficient Monthly Closing Procedures
  • Prepare Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • Assist In Audit Preparation
  • Remediate Audit Deficiencies
  • Accounting System Conversion
  • Simplify Grant Accounting Procedures
  • Endowment Accounting Procedures


Three Problems You May Not Know You Have

jmc portraitby John Cohenjmc portrait

At least four of our clients this winter and spring exhibited some common and costly mistakes which well-meaning – and otherwise competent – organizations make. Unfortunately, the costs generally don’t reveal themselves until “the horse is out… Continue reading

When It’s Time To Consider A Whistleblower Policy

Useful Advice for Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

By John Cohen 

The most common characteristic of employee fraud is the sudden realization that “yes, it can happen here”.  It’s a crime that no one in the organization ever expects,… Continue reading